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EQ Hand in/End of year Party

Times have been set for the end of year parties and equipment turn in. The end of the year parties and EQ hand in will all be held at the canyon view community center on November 16th 2014. The parties will be held upstairs and the EQ hand in will be downstairs where you picked up the equipment. The address there is 471 Maidu Dr, Auburn CA 95603. The times are as follows:
Mighty Mite EQ Turn in: 8:30 AM
Mighty Mite Party: 9:00 AM
Jr PeeWee EQ Turn in: 10:30 AM
Jr PeeWee Party: 11:00 AM
PeeWee EQ Turn in: 12:30 PM
PeeWee Party: 1:00 PM
Jr Midget EQ Turn in: 2:30 PM
Jr Midget Party: 3:00 PM
Midget EQ Turn in: 4:30 PM
Midget Party: 5:00 PM
Please remember all equipment needs to be freshly laundered or there will be a $25.00 charge taken out of your deposit.


Midgets win the 2014 Championship by defeating Nevada Union 22-6. What an incredible journey these boys have made this year. Congratulations to the team and the coaches! You guys did it! In the great ending quote of Mark Balthazar "Good teams compete, Great teams finish!"

Its great to be a Hillmen!!



Mission Statement

Placer Junior Hillmen Youth Football & Cheer is committed to creating a character-building program for the youth in our area.

The success of our program will not be measured by a won-loss record or a competition placement, but by the sportsmanship, teamwork, responsibility, and the fun we will experience through working together as a single unit.

Our Board of Directors and coaches believe that the best way to teach is through example, showing dedication, and a strong work ethic. We will always provide an uplifting learning environment that will maintain the highest standards in athletics and academic achievement.

Our goal is to create a positive experience for all of our participants and parents.

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